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    Wouldn't it be great if you knew ahead of time exactly which prospects would become your best customers? Using ''Big Data'' level information provided through our partners - such as Experian, Simmons Data, Nielson, and the US Census, we can predict just exactly who they are! In fact, we can tell you where to find them, what media they tune in to, and what specific messaging they will respond to. Just think how this affects your marketing dollars if you could focus only on prospects you KNOW will buy!

    Data Clique is a marketing and analytics firm, whose principals have more than 25 years’ experience in the field of lifestyle segmentation research, marketing, and analysis. Our research and profile development system assists businesses and organizations who seek to acquire a deeper level of information and understanding on their potential target market. Using consumer preference and demographic data, Data Clique identifies similar groups of consumers by their behavioral lifestyle habits and preferences in order to develop targeted profiles, specific geographic-based markets, and models for better marketing performance.

    As a partner with Experian Marketing Services, Data Clique has access to tools and data at a far deeper level than standard demographic information. Our system accurately identifies 98 percent of American households by more than 800 different data attributes, providing a flexible marketing and advertising foundation for clients of any size. Very successful marketing applications include Digital Display advertising and Target Audience development.

    Data Clique’s work products are used to develop customized, curated lists for direct mail, Paid Social Media Targeting, Pay per Click, and geographically targeted Digital Display Advertising,