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    About Us

    In local tradition, all dishes are intended to be shared family-style and paired with classic Latin cocktails all hand-muddled with fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables to create a celebration of Latin cuisine.

    Toro concept comes from acclaimed chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, recognized as the Father of modern Mexican cuisine, who has an international collection of 40 Latin American-inspired restaurants worldwide. At Toro, he masterfully blends Pan Latin cuisine with South American, Japanese and Chinese influences.

    Chef Sandoval is praised for elevating Latin American dining in each market he has a presence, and nine of his restaurants have been voted best in their category. Sandoval is also credited for introducing Latin cuisine to Dubai, Qatar, & Serbia.

    For his work, Chef Sandoval has been awarded Mexico’s National Toque d’Oro 2003, Bon Appetit Restaurateur of the Year 2006 and Cordon d’Or Restaurateur of the Year 2012. In 2011, he was nominated for James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur, and Market Watch named him On Premise Player of the Year 2013.

    Richard Sandoval has built the largest collections of tequilas in North America and the Middle East and aspires to educate diners on their quality and diversity.


    CHEF RICHARD SANDOVAL: Richard Sandoval is a global pioneer in Contemporary Latin Cuisine. He is internationally acclaimed for his innovative combination of Latin ingredients and modern culinary techniques to create thrilling and sophisticated flavors and has been called the Father of Modern Mexican Cuisine by The Financial Times and is a published author with his celebrated cookbook, New Latin Flavors.
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