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    Zoom Link information for the April sessions are on our Public Google Calendar, which is here:

    https;//yesinstitute.org/calendar is the website link that we would like included, so anyone can find all our Virtual Sessions.

    Many people are fearful of speaking openly about gender and orientation?even with their closest family members, friends or co-workers. This silence perpetuates fear and misinformation, divides families and communities and leads to unsafe environments for youth.

    YES Institute uses a powerful model of communication to engage participants in authentic and open discussions that include all viewpoints and beliefs. These dialogues give people the opportunity to publicly speak their fears, concerns and questions, often for the first time. Once misinformation and fears have been addressed, people begin to generate solutions and take actions to ensure the healthy development of all youth.

    Schools, universities, parent groups, social service providers, medical facilities, and churches and synagogues invite YES Institute to facilitate over 150 community dialogues each year.

    With the support of trained volunteer speakers and facilitators, 4,000 people per year engage in the work of YES Institute. Their unique experiences of gender and orientation open hearts and inspire others to take action.

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    To schedule a community dialogue for your group or organization, contact Joseph Zolobczuk at 305-663-7195 x1112 or joseph@yesinstitute.org